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  What Happens During the Session?
My Hypnotherapy Session takes about an hour and is divided into two parts: The first thirty-five or forty minutes will be spent talking about the behavior you want to change, the reasons you want to change that behavior, what has been getting you way of not having already changed it and explaining how the hypnotic process works. I will also lead you through a series of demonstrations that will confirm that you have the ability to use your mind to tell your brain how to act and feel — how your mind knows how to tell your brain to cause you to act and feel like a healthy, confident, peaceful person.

The second part of the session is the “hypnotic induction” and the suggestion portion and will be recorded on a CD that you’ll take home in case you ever feel like you need reinforcement. By the end of the session you will be relaxed, peaceful, rested and feeling like the person you would like to be.

If you have any questions, or want to make an appointment, contact me by phone (480-966-8571) or email me by clicking on I will be happy to answer all of your questions.