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   About "Hypnosis"
What is Hypnosis?
All “Hypnosis” is Self-Hypnosis

After more than 40 years of practicing hypnotherapy and observing positive results with well over 27,000 clients, I am convinced that you can benefit from the process of “hypnosis.” You can easily eliminate unwanted habits, attitudes and actions and replace them with positive, healthy, productive ones.

“Hypnosis” is a powerful tool for changing human behavior, but the power does not come from the hypnotist; it comes from within you. Simply put, all “hypnosis” is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist or hypnotherapist simply directs you to use the power that already resides in you–a power that you may not know is there. The hypnotist does not create the power, he or she only gets you to discover and use the powers you already have.

Not a State of Mind

“Hypnosis” is not a state of mind, nor is it something you go “into.” The hypnotist does not “do” something to you, nor does the hypnotist place you “under” his or her power, but rather gets you to use your own powers. “Hypnosis” is a natural function or process that occurs between your mind and brain. The hypnotherapist simply (through suggestion) directs you to tap into a process that is already in place. Nonetheless, for some undetermined reason this process (“hypnosis”) works best when your physical body is in a sleep state. This does not mean, however, that you are unaware or unconscious.

Many people falsely believe that while “hypnotized” the subject is unconscious and unaware. But if a subject were unconscious and unaware, how would they know what the hypnotist was saying? A “hypnotized” person displays all of the brain activity displayed by a person who is in the dream state as sleep.

Asleep But Conscious

You can be asleep but still very much aware and conscious at the same time: For example, dreaming! While you are dreaming, you are not unconscious. True, you are not necessarily aware of what is going on around you, but you are perfectly conscious of what is going on in your dream. Sometimes you even remember it when you wake up. Therefore, that must mean you can be both asleep and conscious at the same time!

You Never Violate Your Standards

Because you are always aware and conscious of what the hypnotist is saying, you cannot be made to do or say something that would violate your moral or ethical standards. Nevertheless, the hypnotic process can cause you to do things you normally would not do — as long as it does not violate your standards.

In their attempt to reassure a client that they will be safe while “hypnotized,” I have heard my colleagues say, “The hypnotist cannot make you do something that you normally wouldn’t do.”

This statement is not true at all! Actually, this is exactly what the hypnotic process doesÑcauses you to behave in ways you normally have not been behaving!

For example: Smokers normally don’t not smoke. People who are overweight normally don’t eat right. Physically un-fit people normally don’t exercise. Those who procrastinate normally don’t get things done on time. Timid people normally don’t confidently and peacefully speak to groups of people. Stressed-out people normally don’t experience peace of mind. People who have a fear of flying normally don’t enjoy being in an airplane at 40,000 feet. Claustrophobics normally don’t feel comfortable in an elevator… Ad infinitum.

“Hypnosis” changes your behavior. It eliminates your old normal unwanted habits and behavior and replaces them with new desirable ones… moreover, it causes your normal behavior to be consistent with what you choose for it to be, instead of behaving as you don’t want to.

The power is in you! Through the application of hypnotherapy — almost like magic — you experience new and desirable ways of living — you feel, behave and act as though the old undesirable behavior was never there.

If you have any questions, or want to make an appointment, contact me by phone (480-966-8571) or email me by clicking on I will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

I put “hypnosis” inside quotation marks because “hypnosis” has never been clearly defined. Few hypnotists, if any, agree on a precise definition of the process.

I define human behavior as being the way we genetically, instinctually, intentionally, or have been conditioned to respond to the events that occur at any moment in our daily lives.

Your mind and your brain are two different things. Your mind is your consciousness—that part of you that is aware; it is intangible. Your brain is the physical, tangible matter housed in your head. Your brain is the organ that controls everything about your physical being — including your emotions. Your mind is the process by which you form concepts, ideas, desires, and emotional needs. Your thoughts are not your brain — a healthy brain does not decide your thoughts. Your mind sends instructions to your brain and your brain in turn carries out the instructions, thus determining how you feel and act. In short, your mind is in your brain and it tells your brain what to do, but your mind is not your brain. It is surprising how many people think of their mind and their brain as being one and the same.

If you have any questions, or want to make an appointment, contact me by phone (480-966-8571) or email me by clicking on I will be happy to answer all of your questions.