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Stress / Anxieties/ Worry

Stress and anxieties are the same symptom and neither ever made anything better. Nor did stress ever fix a problem. Even if stress does motivate a person to take action, it is not the stress that resolves the problem; it is taking action that resolves it. And worry? Worry is just a misuse of creativity and imaginative thinking.

Most often, stress and worry restrain a person from taking action. Stress and worry stymie logical, rational and creative thinking. Stress and worry inhibit incentive and in general makes a person feel crummy. Stress, anxieties and worry breed frustration and give rise to isolation and withdrawal.

Stress and worry also take their toll on our physical well-being. Study after study has linked medical problems to stress and worry. Recent research papers have confirmed that stress produces chemicals that shut down the immune system, directly destroy heart muscles and, over time, kill brain cells.

So what created your stress and worry in the first place? Stress is the product of being inconvenienced by someone or something, and worry is the acquired habit of thinking about things you most likely have no control over.

There is a direct correlation between our stress level and our ability to recall, think clearly and engage in rational thoughts. The mechanism in our brain that we use for dealing with stress is the same mechanism that we use for recall and analytical thinking.

Very often, stress also causes poor decisions in relationships — we just react, rather than consider the consequences of our reactions.

Worry is the evil partner of stress. I’ m just guessing, but I’ d say probably 50% of the things you worry about will either never occur or have already happened. Another 49% of your worrying is about things that you can’ t change. We can’ t change anything in the past; it has already occurred. Just like worrying about the future won’t change anything, either — taking action might, but worrying about it won’t. The remaining 1% left to worry about will happen, with certainty: death. But worrying about death does not prolong life; if anything, stress and worry hasten the event.

When you come in for a session, I will demonstrate that you can be stress free — emotionally independent from the negative behavior of other people, circumstances and the uncertainty of the future. I will show you how to use the powers that are in your mind and brain to remove your stress and worry so you can come up with rational solutions to the things that have been stressing you. I will also give you suggestions so that the ones you can’ t do anything about no longer trouble you. So you are free to turn your worry-stress time into productive time and enjoy a sense of peace and peace of mind.

If you have any questions, or want to make an appointment, contact me by phone (480-966-8571) or email me by clicking on I will be happy to answer all of your questions.