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Lindsay A Brady, C.Ht.
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"As the Pendulum Swings" is the true life story of Lindsay A. Brady, nationally recognized clinical hypnotherapist. The book is written in two parts. In Part One Brady relates the story of his early interest in hypnosis, of his curiosity as to the mind/brain connection, and of his quest for answers to his unresolved questions. He talks about the secret of overcoming a lack of confidence, his inhibitions, and scholastic deficits, and of his low self perception.

Throughout the book Brady draws on compelling illustrative case studies to give the reader a better understanding of the process and objectives of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He explains how the dynamic term "perceptionism" is the driving force behind hypnotherapy. Brady tells of how he developed his approach to help his clients overcome their self destructive behavior.

Part Two explores the theory behind hypnosis and of the influences that led to his conclusions. He talks about the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, of perception, regression, and altered consciousness. Brady shares of conversations held in his own "inner room" drawing on wisdom from conversations with an inner wisdom he named "Socrates."

The book concludes with a comprehensive appendix which includes detailed information on the structure of a typical perceptionism session, perception's influence, the nervous system, and muscular behavior. He also gives insight into eliminating the adversities of stress and anxiety. I appreciated the bibliography which includes both book resources and available University Courses.

Brady's writing is intellectually stimulating, fast moving, and hilarious. His self deprecating humor belies his true genius. He is highly entertaining, filled with profound insight into understanding consciousness and self fulfillment. "As the Pendulum Swings" is sure to be a welcome answer to anyone interested in investigating the "mind/brain" connection.

Richard R. Blake (Bridgman, Michigan) 
Editorial Consultant at Creative Editorial Resources 
Regualar Contributor at Restorative Justice Journal 

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My book is not only a book about “hypnosis,” but also a memoir about how my life has been transformed from one of fear, low self-esteem, guilt and self-doubt into one of confidence, joy and peace of mind by using the process called “hypnosis”—a process more accurately described by the word perceptionism. It is a story about my personal crusade to overcome the manacles of tradition, bigotry, closed-mindedness and self-imposed limitation that eventually led to being at peace with myself and pleased with who I am.
It is a tale of becoming a hypnotherapist and developing a unique approach to effectively help my clients rid themselves of unwanted habits and self-destructive behavior. It is a book that tells stories about the lessons I learned from thousands of clients that, in turn, compelled me to scrap obsolete terms, techniques, methods and even some of my most cherished concepts. It is a book about having to adjust my approach and methods in order to effectively help my clients more easily achieve their goals, engage in healthy behavior, be free from guilt and find happiness and peace of mind. It is a story about solving the puzzle of how to demonstrate to my clients that perception is the means by which the human mind, brain and body communicate with each other. It explains how human consciousness can intentionally instruct its brain to bring about healthy behavior and create an emotional state of well-being that is independent of past experiences, present conditions and the uncertainty of the future. And it is a story that validates the power and the dynamics of taking charge of now.

This book is a treatise intended to dispel outmoded ideas about “hypnosis” as being something a person goes into or under, or that it is a trance in which a person is unaware. It tells the story of how the vague, stale term, hypnotism (which implies nothing about a process), is transformed into the definitive dynamic term, perceptionism… the driving force behind the “hypnotic process” and human behavior.

As the Pendulum Swings
A Memoir
Lindsay A. Brady, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist

A review of literary critic Richard R. Blake