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   Hypnosis Can Get Rid of Your Anger

The term “anger management” implies that a person is angry by nature and that anger is an emotion that needs “managing,” rather than an emotion to be rid of. Getting rid of your anger is what I do with hypnotherapy. When your anger is gone there is nothing to manage.

Most anger is aimed at people over whom the angry person has little or no control. But anger doesn’t make a situation better, nor does it effectively change the person at whom the anger is directed… if anything it makes things worse! Nor does anger engender respect or esteem — it reduces it!

Since anger doesn’t fix anything, or enhance relationships, why not put that time and energy into building respect, harmony and the peace of mind that comes from being emotionally independent from the negative things other people do and say?

One day a client said to me, “If only I could remove people from the equation [of my life], finding a solution to my anger problem would be easy and I’d be fine.” Of course that’s impractical, but it does make a valid point: What other people do and say is what creates most of our anger.

Hypnotherapy removes the feelings of anger and helps you maintain a peaceful state of being in which you experience an emotional independence that shields you from the negative behavior of other peopleÉ a peaceful state in which you are free to make rational decisions rather than just reacting with anger.

My approach to helping people overcome their anger has been developed during 40 years of practice. The hypnotherapy session changes the client’s perceptions — it is simple and effective. Results are immediate and usually take only one session. In addition I make a CD recording of your session that deals with your specific issues relative to your being rid of your anger for good. When you leave my office you feel, behave and act as one who is peaceful, confident and anger free. I will also give you a key phrase (a post hypnotic suggestion) that will remove feelings of anger should they at anytime arise.

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment call me at (480-966-8571) or send me an email by clicking: I will be happy to answer all of your questions.